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I want to..

Given below is a list of things I want to do. Might be on a short term basis, long term basis, continuing basis or any basis. And you can easily understand the basis, if you have been gifted with some common sense.

I want to :

1. Meet my mom, dad and sisters
2. Play with my sweet nieces
3. Do well for my summers
4. Play basketball
5. Talk to her
6. Start an advertising agency
7. Write a book
8. Execute the idea I have
9. Learn excel
10. Learn guitar
11. Be rational, all the times
12. Be more patient
13. Kill the mosquito that just now wizzed past me
14. Change the goddamn song I am listening to now
15. Go to Paris, Switzerland, Australia, Austria, Italy
16. See a good play, humorous one preferably
17. Listen to the song I am listening now, after I changed when I wrote 14, on speakers
18. See her
19. Shave
20. Go home

An Mb..







Time flew.

People met.

Friends made.

Relations built.

Moments captured.

Happiness shared.

Walks walked.

Classes missed.

Achievements celebrated.

Birthdays enjoyed.

Presentations made.

Faff encouraged.

Tables banged.

Being kicked.

Dances choreographed.

Ideas discussed.

Sessions attended.

Interviews faced.

Nights spent sleepless.

Dawns spent drinkin tea.

Darn! I had fun, some real fun.

Zindagi rocks..

Bless me!

I woke up, one morning. Brushed like I brush everyday, dint have breakfast just like I never have everyday, went to college and attended just like I do everyday, spent time with friends just like every day, opened my laptop, just like I do everyday, opened my blog just like I do everyday, tried writing just like I do everyday. But unlike everyday, I got stuck in between while I was writing. I dint know what to write next. I took a break, went out, took a walk, listened to music, spammed a bit, and then tried again. I failed again.

All of a sudden, I dint have any opinions to express, any emotions to describe, any incidents to narrate. All around me, people are writing, talking, blogging. For once, I feel at a loss, at a genuine and a literal loss of words. I had in fact, wanted to write a book too. I started writing too. And when I had started, I thought everyday I would sit for two hours, and then pen down my thoughts. But it was not happening.

Writing is a pleasure. Its such a wonderful feeling to read later on, whatever you have written understanding the fact that its exactly what you wanted to express. But I seemed to have lost that art, if it can be called so.

Anyways, am signing off now. I have struggled enough to write whatever I have written as of now.

Amen! God bless me ..

Life is good :)

Oh yeah! For the first time in the history of my blog writing, I am penning down my thought when I am in a state of happiness, sitting in the state of Haryana. :)

Well, happiness is beyond a state of well being. Its a feeling of utmost satisfaction, pleasure, which gives u a high. You can be happy because of n number of reason. Sadists have one reason for being happy, dogs have some other reason for being happy, cats might be having some other reason and so on and on.

But I am happy, because of the people around me. Yup! For a change I am happy, extremely happy because of the people around me. It seems like, life is just perfect and that nothing can go wrong. An amazing set of friends, some exciting opportunities, the sweetest sweetheart , what else could I wish for. Songs sound all the more melodious, the climate always seems pleasant. Its all darn beautiful.

Life is good . :)


June 2008 : I bought my laptop.

March 2009 : I sit two days non stop in front of the laptop to do my strategy assignment. Not that it was uninteresting, but its a lot of strain, hell lotta strain.

Post assignment submission also called Now : I have decided to spend as little time as possible in front of the laptop, which implies less of yahoo, gtalk, orkut, facebook.


Lost and Found..

The following is a lost and found mail that I had written. I was just deleting the various mails from my mailbox when I saw this. Some creativity, I must say...

Imperium is coming, and the theme is the golden mean, the middle path.

Its strange that life moves that way too. On one hand, you have one family
celebrating the birth of a new born , and on the other hand you have
another family mourning the death of a loved one. The balance is

The earth cracks somewhere, new lands arise. The seas flood somewhere, and
lands sink. The balance is maintained.

Ever since I have joined MDI, my blogging has gathered pace. I have been
loving marketing. Creativity.. I am loving it.

But life has had to maintain the balance.. I lost my creative earphones..

Its all balanced yet again..

But for a change I would like to see what it feels to be above the golden
mean. If anyone of you has found my creative earphones, kindly contact

PS : I got the earphones back. :)

Oh Ho! Its V day..

Oh! Its the D day for many, The V day;
But its not a D day for me, today;
For me, it is yet another day, today;
Coz, its V day for me, day after day, day after day..

Oh! Baby! Its not just this day;
That I wanna celebrate and feel gay;
Its my life that I wanna celebrate with you;
Coz I know, I wanna be with you..

Yeah! It aint anything special in you that draws me towards you;
I am just fascinated with you , because of the you in you;
Many lines have been ending with yous;
But I want our life to be spent as us..

There is a lot I cherish about you;
And there is a lot I have planned for you;
This blog is just a start;
There is still time left, to leave you with a smile.

Oh! Baby! Its wonderful with you;
And you have no idea how much;
Its just so beautiful;
That I think, I have no words..

PS : Cheers People! Celebrate Love! Celebrate love on all days in fact :)
Happy Valentines Day.


Words have a life of their own, its said. Just like we evolved from armpit scratching hairy men monkeys, and for a change hairy and with-no-shame-I-expose-hair women monkeys; to highly supposedly sophisticated mankind. Words in fact change according to the whims and fancies of the generation, of the people who belong to the era. The word gay once meant happy, and only happy; now its a path of redemption to many. And its a word that has made many a parents sad.

Now, after I have successfully made the transition from a someone who is pursuing his B.Tech to someone who is pursuing an MBA, I feel like getting into a retrospective mood and look at how the prominence of a few words have been changing over time.

Induction :

B.Tech : You don't have long hair. You don't wear cargoes. You don't wear jeans. You don't have spikes. You don't roam around with girls. You don't come to college in bikes.
You do get caught by seniors. You do get emotionally raped by them.You do get caught by seniors. You do get emotionally raped by them. Yeah, it basically happens over and over again. This can be done in many ways :
a) Blasted for everything you have done.
b) Blasted and then being made to do really, really stupid stuff.
c) Blasted and then blasted.

MBA : You have a darn hectic week. You attend classes, and you attend more classes. You just dont sleep. Coz you dont have the time to. You lead such a hectic life, that you feel, a warm coffee, a hug from your mom, and a warm blanket is what you deserve.


B.Tech : Duh! Come on people ! Bunk.
Faculty is good - you might attend.
Faculty is not good - you will attend to pursue other activities and to gain on your attendance.
Faculty is decent : BUNK!

MBA : Darn! Just five minutes left. Would I make it ?

Friends :

B.Tech : Day one, hour one, you talk, you shake hands. It continues. The group gets bigger, bigger , bigger.
MBA : Day one, hour one, you talk, you shake hands. Prof comes, you are ignored.
Day two, you talk to someone else, you shake hands. Prof comes, you dont exist.
Friends typically are made towards the end of the first year, good friends that is. Friends when no class, cut throat competitors at all other times.

Loneliness :

B.Tech : Brief moments, when you want to spend time for yourself and keep yourself away from your otherwise always with you fun loving friends.
MBA : Extended periods, which might get you insane. Reason can vary from pathetic marks, to loneliness even otherwise.

Competition :

B.Tech : Are you kidding me ? !
MBA : Its spelled, COMPETITION, bloody. And I typed the word first.

Exams :

B.Tech : Ah!! The best part. Get other active players, Sachin, Binu, Midhun,Varun, Siyad, Tony. Buy biscuits. Go out for lunch. Come back. Start at 21 hours. Sleep at 3. wake up at 8. Write . Come back . Stay happy. Bliss!!


Two weeks prior : Darn! Just two weeks left.
One week prior : Good thing, I have read quite some stuff. Wonder how much he has covered!
Frequent line used at such a period : Have no idea what to do. Havent started yet.
Three days prior : I eat, drink,breathe, piss, shit,puke,inhale, exhale,see,sense,hear library and books.
There are no frequent liners here. You dont have time, do you?
You are tensed going into the hall. You are tensed even when you get out of the hall.

Results :

B.Tech : There are two stages.

Stage 1 : Rumors start going around that results are gonna come soon, and that there are n number of supplis. This goes on for two weeks.
Stage 2 : One day, we come back from college. Kabhooom! The results are out. At a time when no one would be expecting it.

Typically, you worry about whether you passed or failed. Its a binary logic.

MBA : Mail comes. Term Results. You grip your heart till you find your CG. Then comes the shocking news about the topper and the others between you and the topper.

Without Recession : If marketing, CG = 5 makes you happy.IF Fin, CG >= 7 makes you smiles uneasily.

With Recession : CG <=6 makes you feel like a loser. CG<=7 makes you feel like doing better the next time. CG>=7 satsifactory.

There might be more stuff to add. Which I might if and when I please.


A sad Poor Joke..

There was once a king, Jonathan Ottoman Kenneth. He one day had wonderful sex with his wife, and nine months later she gave birth to a boy. In accordance with the then existing tradition, he was named, Jonathan Ottoman Kenneth Edwardos.
Jonathan Ottoman Kenneth was a very courageous king whom every neighbouring kingdom was afraid of. He had no fear of the seas, he had no fear of the mountains, he had no fear of monsters, and he had no fear of the most supreme of the mortals. His was a heart that was so cruel that even the sun trembled to come out in the mornings.
But his nemesis was born in the other part of the world. And on a fateful day, Jonathan Ottoman Kenneth , when he went hunting, was slayed. His nemesis, cleverly dressed up as a lion, pounced on him, and stabbed his heart. The king's neck was found severed the next day on the river banks.
With the king's death, the kingdom lost its power. Kings from other continents now fearlessly, attacked the people. And in a quest to take over the kingdom, they started chasing the king's son.
It was just a matter of time, when the king's son was found hiding in the closet of his mother's chamber. He was dressed in a manner that only the most richest of princes would be. He was dragged on to the roads, with no thought given to his status. His princely clothes torn, and his ornaments snatched, with not a single penny in his pocket, he started roaming around the roads.
With an unshaven face, as he looked into the crystal clear river, only to see his illstricken future.

And here , I present to you, the sad poor Jonathan Ottoman Kenneth Edwardos. The sad poor J.O.K.E.